Qui sommes-​nous ?

About Les Monteurs associés

Les Monteurs associés (LMA) is a French non profit orga­ni­sa­tion created in June 2001, bringing together more than 300 film editors, sound editors and assistants who work in film, docu­men­ta­ries, and TV.

Recognised by both government and unions, LMA speaks on behalf of editors and promotes their role in the process of creating films. 

Once a month LMA meets so that individuals can share experiences and reflections on working in the industry. Open to all (whether a current member or not), LMA conducts surveys and keeps up to date with technical advan­ce­ments in editing. LMA invites editors and directors to speak about their work, as well as pro­fes­sio­nals from other fields such as phi­lo­so­phers, economists and socio­lo­gists. Some events contribute to LMA’s library of self-​published books. 

LMA promotes the field of film and editing through its film club Les Monteurs dé-​montent” and its biennial festival, Les Monteurs s’affichent”.

LMA is an associate member of the Commission supérieur technique de l’image et du son (CST) and a member of Tempo, Federation of Film Editors Associations.

Our commitments

By becoming a member of Les Monteurs associés you subscribe to a view of editing and its practice as an art form. Our position is explained below, including an overview of the craft, our ethics and our goals.


Our work is artistic as well as technical. The editing process of a film is largely the result of a dialogue between the editor and the director, reflecting on the film being made. The editing team follows every stage of the process until the film reaches it’s finished and final state.

At every stage of the editing, the role of the assistant to the film editor is crucial. Moreover, their work is part of the appren­ti­ce­ship in becoming an editor themselves.

Objectives of Les Monteurs associés

  • To encourage a good environment for the process of editing as a craft, including : a team and clear time frame for the project, appropriate equipment and good working conditions respecting health of the workers.
  • To require salaries that reflect the value and res­pon­si­bi­li­ties of the editing team in the process of making a film.
  • To facilitate dialogue between editors. This can include ethical questioning such as : how best to replace an editor in the middle of the process.
  • To share learning across generations of film editors.
  • To advocate for the role of an assistant during the editing process. This includes ensuring that schedules will allow the assistant to work with the editor during the editing process.
  • To encourage paid trai­nee­ships, or including an apprentice on the team wherever possible.
  • To inform editors on their rights at work, including collective agreements.

Joining Les Monteurs associés is a way to enrich your process and practice from a collective experience. We encourage members to take part in association events and to promote recognition of the association too. We invite members to add LMA’s name (LMA) beside their own name on film’s credits.